Android Long Term Support

Let Fastboot free your new product development teams to focus on what they do best, and we will focus on what we do best – building long-term value for your devices.

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Custom Android Firmware

We partner with OEMs, carriers, and mobile brands, to create build-to-order Android implementations that integrate apps, launchers, branding, boot animations, and more. This allows our customers to truly differentiate their hardware with beautiful, well-designed software.

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We engaged Fastboot Mobile because we knew they had the expertise we needed.  They delivered ahead of schedule, at the low end of their estimate and, most importantly, the solution worked just as we asked.  I look forward to working with them again.

Jonathan Moeller

CTO, iSchool

What We Offer


Custom Firmware Development

With an emphasis on updates, user experience, and privacy, Fastboot can provide you with the means to create your own fork of Android that shares your product vision. With one source tree to unify your software changes across your entire product line, Fastboot enables you to seize your entire update lifecycle and engage with your users.

Market Analytics

Through our partnership with xda, Fastboot brings 12+ years of mobile market analytics experience to assist you in measuring consumer interest in new products. With our activity in the independent developer community, we have a finger on the pulse of enthusiasts and market trends which empowers you to make the right decisions for you and your consumers.

Mobile Security

Avoid the potentially embarrassing situations that make the headlines on a consistent basis due to security and privacy failings. Our experts have found serious weaknesses and flaws in the pre-installed software and services put in place by many OEM’s. Don’t be found by governments and the media to not have provided your engineering staff with adequate security training – we have people who live and breath security, but who specialise in making it something the whole team can be a part of.

Android Long Term Support

Brand loyalty has always been important, and that is no less true than with mobile. With OEMs releasing new devices on a consistent basis, but leaving their latest flagship behind when it comes to updates, it is imperative that your customers know you will keep their devices updated. Customers know that when you keep their device updated, you’re showing how much their experience means to you, and they will spread the news. Continuing to provide updates throughout the warranty cycle boosts the value of your device and brand, thus making them desirable. Let Fastboot free your new product development teams to focus on what they do best, and we will focus on what we do best – building long-term value for your devices.


With more than 8 years of working with Android platform and stack, and over 50 years combined in technology, we bring a wealth of experience to your fingertips. Our commitment to open source principles and development best practices enables us to respond to each and every unique situation you find yourselves in. With our understanding of how to help companies leverage community development in projects you will be able to tap the vast amount of resources to grow your business.

We were introduced to Fastboot Mobile through industry contacts and we’ve been very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with their team. Fastboot Mobile supported us to validate some of our products during the development and testing cycle. The team is knowledgeable, experienced and most importantly has a solid work ethic. We will continue to work with this team.

Danish Alam

Director, Epitomical Limited

About Fastboot

Fastboot Mobile, LLC is a mobile solutions provider, specializing in bespoke software development, integration, technology consulting, market analytics, mobile security consulting, web design, and more. Formed in 2013 through a partnership with xda-developers, Fastboot brings a combined 35 years experience in the mobile industry to businesses looking to grow and extend. Helping our customers succeed helps us to succeed, and by that approach we bring a breath of fresh air to the mobile industry. 

We provide custom development of products and solutions for our customers – they ask for something and we deliver it. If you’re after something amazing, we should talk and we’ll make it for you. And since we give our customers what they order, we can’t then give that to other people, giving you the benefit of doing it yourself without the hassle of hiring people to do it that might turn out unable to.

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