Custom Android Firmware

With an emphasis on updates, user experience, and privacy, Fastboot can provide you with the means to create your own fork of Android that shares your product vision. With one source tree to unify your software changes across your entire product line, Fastboot enables you to seize your entire update lifecycle and engage with your users. Our team includes some of the top Android firmware and system-level developers in the world, including many team members responsible for some of the most popular open source projects. Android firmware is our focus, and we are the behind-the-scenes team for several top device releases around the globe.

Avoid Embarrassing Security and Privacy Leaks

Security and privacy failings make the headlines on a consistent basis and estimates are they cost you, on average, $201 per customer you have. Prepare your staff.
Secure Your Customers

Analytics To Empower Decisions

Identify market trends through our 12+ years experience in mobile in order to understand what customers desire, and what their interest in your new products will be.
Timely Customer Analysis

OTA/Device Management Services

Make the most of your ongoing customer interactions through our OTA and Device Management system which allows you to build customer retention by putting you in direct contact with them.
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