Mobile Security

Avoid the potentially embarrassing situations that make the headlines on a consistent basis due to security and privacy failings. A 2014 report by the Ponemon Institute and IBM shows that the average cost per compromised record going from $188 in 2013 to $201 in 2014 (US dollars). The updated report in 2015 has shown that:

nearly 40 percent of large companies — including many in the Fortune 500 — aren’t taking the right precautions to secure their mobile apps. The study, which researched security practices in more than 400 large organizations, found “major security flaws” in the ways most businesses build and deploy mobile apps for their customers.PCMAG

The study also showed that 33 percent of companies just never performed any testing for security vulnerabilities before releasing their software, with only 15 percent performing frequent testing.

Our experts have found serious weaknesses and flaws in the pre-installed software and services put in place by many OEM’s. Don’t be found by governments and the media to not have provided your engineering staff with adequate security training – we have people who live and breath security, but who specialise in making it something the whole team can be a part of.


With more than 8 years of working with Android platform and stack, and over 50 years combined in technology, we bring a wealth of experienceto your fingertips. Our commitment to open source principles and development best practices enables us to respond to each and every unique situation you find yourselves in. With our understanding of how to help companies leverage community development in projects you will be able to tap the vast amount of resources to grow your business.

“Fewer customers remain loyal after a breach, particularly in the financial services industry.”

IBM / Ponemon Institute 2014 Study

European Commission and US Federal Trade Commission have both handed down heavy fines and judgements against companies failing to provide adequate privacy and security training for staff and protection for consumers.

“Smartphone Users Care More About Privacy than Screen Size or Brand”

Info-Security Magazine